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Overseas custom

Since 2006, Shanghai RC Chemicals has been engaged in the customized production of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals, and is constantly improving its research and development level. In recent years, with the continuous domestic safety accidents, environmental protection requirements increased, local factories occasionaly rectify or even close down, many products went out of stock. In this case, Shanghai RC Chemicals launched customized services in India. We are good at the following services:

Nitrification: independent nitrification workshop

Bromine recovery tower
Hydrogenation: independent hydrogenation workshop, 5 sets of 4000L hydrogenation reactor
Sodium cyanide raw materials: the supply of raw materials is stable, with the license to use sodium cyanide, sodium cyanide application experts
There are also a variety of common reactions that can be customized by multiple factories, and the production license for the product is usually finalized within one to three months.
From small-scale customization to commercial production
We have a professional research and development team to solve technical problems, instant response speed, perfect quality system, focusing on pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals, from pilot scale to commercial production.
We can sign confidentiality agreement with customers, keep your secret, just for your service! Shanghai RC Chemicals look forward to becoming your most loyal partner!


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